5 Interview Tips For Legal Assistant Jobs

Going for your first interview in the hopes of landing a position as a legal assistant can be rather challenging. There are so many questions that might be asked and you may feel extremely anxious just thinking about the possibility of making a mistake or unnecessary blunders when interviewing. After all the hard work of a legal assistant program and getting the certification you need, now you are ready to begin a career.

Here are 5 interview tips you can use right away that might help you secure the position you are after.

Tip#1: Dress for Success

Just remember that in all job interviews, the first impression makes the biggest influence on how the interviewers perceive you and thus the perception they have of you. Dress for the position you are after and make sure you reflect the right image a skilled and professional legal assistant would have.

Tip#2: Do Your Homework

Get to know the company’s background, the annual turnover, the board of directors and most importantly the company’s visions and goals. By showing a genuine interest for the organization, you exhibit team spirit and a willingness to be a part of the team. You can find out more about the organization you are hoping to work for through magazines, websites, reviews or other contacts you may have. Ideally, get to know about the philosophies, vision and the working style of the attorneys you would be assisting with if you get the job.

Tip#3: Relevant Knowledge

Be sure you know what type of law work the company is dealing with primarily. For instance, if you are applying for a post as a legal secretary in a real estate firm, be sure to learn all you can about real estate law and related issues. The more competence you can show it your prospective employers, the higher the chances of success you would have.

Tip#4: Punctuality

The worse thing you can do during the interview is to make your interviewers wait for you. Please do not be late if you are serious about getting the job. Any form of delay would create a very obnoxious impression on your interviewers and it becomes impossible to get the job now. It is best to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the designated time. This shows them you are dead serious about getting the job.

Tip#5: No Backstabbing

If you are currently employed do not pass any remarks that denigrates the position of your current, or past employer to the interviewers. This would reflect badly on you and you would appear as someone ungrateful, disloyal and are out to purely pursue your own personal interests. If you have nothing good to say about your past employees, abstain from making negative remarks.

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